Caravan Seoul | Flack Studio

Caravan returns to Seoul with another restaurant designed by Melbourne based practise Flack Studio.

Caravan Seoul 01 | DesignKhora

The space oozes elegance, warmth and character in the layers of textures, artwork and detail. A ‘more is more’ mosaic marble floor defines the colour palette. “I changed the whole design palate on the ground—it was literally being built around me as I selected the final stones,” explains David Flack.

Cool blues and the rich reds and mustards are all reflected into furniture schemes and bold joinery elements, all finished with brass accents. The result is a conscious collaboration of locally sourced materials and finishings, including artwork by Jahanne Paso-White.

The curation of these elements is nothing but a delight and I’m adding to the ‘I wish I’d done this’ list…

Caravan Seoul 02 | DesignKhoraCaravan Seoul 03 | DesignKhoraCaravan Seoul 04 | DesignKhoraCaravan Seoul 05 | DesignKhoraCaravan Seoul 06 | DesignKhoraCaravan Seoul 07 | DesignKhoraCaravan Seoul 08 | DesignKhoraCaravan Seoul 09 | DesignKhora

Images courtesy of YellowTrace.

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