Accidentally Wes Anderson Spaces

Instagram has given us some really great accounts. A few months back, I came across ‘Accidentally Wes Anderson’; a page sharing imagery from users that share distinctive qualities with the film Director. Now, I find my eyes opened to the flat unsaturated colours, perfect symmetry and intricate detailing I stumble across in everyday life.

I have collated my own Wes Anderson inspired series. Below is a collection of interior spaces and architecture that could pass as a still from a number of Anderson’s films.

Accidentally Wes Anderson 01_DesignKhora
Monadnock’s Dutch Abstract Tower
The studio implemented a variety of brickwork patterns to create this viewing tower for the small town Nieuw-Bergen in Denmark. Nothing quite says Wes Anderson like patterns in architectural detailing created with the materials and contrasting soft red and green tones.

Accidentally Wes Anderson 02_DesignKhora
Redhill Station, Dan Sully
Perhaps one of the most insta-famous subway stations and its not difficult to see why. Fluorescent lights and a subtle variety pastel pink ensure the Wes Anderson-esque commute makes the shortlist.

Accidentally Wes Anderson 03_DesignKhora
Bibo Ergo Sum, Home Studio
Although the studio doesn’t list Anderson as an influence in the design of the West Hollywood bar, the palette of materials, colours and pattern instantly transport me directly to set centre stage.  Just look at that arched doorway, chunky detailing and patterned mosaic floor!

Accidentally Wes Anderson 05_DesignKhora
The Budapest Café in Chendu; Biasol
The Grand Budapest Hotel is perhaps one of Anderson’s most famous films. Melbourne based studio, Biasol, applied that very distinct visual concept to this cafe where the muted colours and materials specified contrast with the graphic light fittings and architectural structures of the space.

Accidentally Wes Anderson 07_DesignKhora
Sketch, India Mahadavi
One of London’s most instagrammed interiors, famous for it’s afternoon tea, is grand, luxurious, exuberant and all the things you would hope it would be! Puffy pastel pink furniture, glossy tiles, herringbone timbers and marbles, brass detailing… yes please ….

Accidentally Wes Anderson 08_DesignKhora
AD Magazine, Bernard Dubois Architects
The scenography for the AD France publication by Bernard Dubois harshly contrasts the exaggerated archway with dramatic 3-dimensional zig zag wall and brutalist bed base.

Accidentally Wes Anderson 09_DesignKhora
The Cabana Cafe, Adam Tihany
Token pastels, greenery and bold patterns give the refurbishment of this Californian pool side bar the Anderson treatment.

Accidentally Wes Anderson 04_DesignKhora
Nanan, Buck Studio
This stunning Polish patisserie oozes layers pastel pink; from velvet to marble. Finished with brass detailing, this space looks an Anderson dream.

Accidentally Wes Anderson 06_DesignKhora
Johnson Wax Headquarters, Frank Lloyd Wright
Distinctly retro, earthly colour blocking and exaggerated forms in this 1930s office space designed by Frank Lloyd Wright help make this one of the most iconic examples of open plan working to this day.
Accidentally Wes Anderson 11_DesignKhora
Aesop Milan, Dimorestudio
Ok, this is quite possibly one of my favourite Aesop stores ever! A curved tiled ceiling with feature brass pendants along with the colour matching retail display make this store a statement in itself.

Accidentally Wes Anderson 12_DesignKhora
Parisian Apartment, Crosby Studio
The bathroom alone of this apartment is just stunning. Dual tones of a soft pink and contrasting statement black along with minimalist sanitaryware products and a sculptural light fitting, show every single detail has been carefully considered.

Accidentally Wes Anderson 13_DesignKhora.png
Stadt-Bad Gotha, Veauthier Meyer
Finally, it doesn’t get more Wes Anderson than this! Characteristically Art Nouveau, the feature curves contrast, the strong flat wall and furniture colours… just beautiful!

Be sure to follow the account and enjoy discovering your own Accidentally Wes Anderson scenes.


Photos courtesy of ; think tank ; sight unseen ; Apartment Therapy ; Bloglovin ; Bernard Dubois Architects ; Reddit ; Crosby Studios ; elledecor IT ; dezeen

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