DesignKhora Favourites | CoWorking Spaces

In recent years, the increase in demand for co-working spaces has changed the way we work entirely. The concept itself being to share a working environment with different individuals or business’ alike; the idea being to share the space, equipment and ultimately skills and ideas.

Working in London, I see so many of these spaces, filled with self-employed and businesses comprising of both small teams and large. Competing for an office space in an ever developing market is challenging and costly, hence the success of this kind of offer.

Designing a space which will be shared by a variety of users is a challenge in itself. Aiming to create a stimulating environment to suit different working preferences and not having a specific client means imagining how every potential user could interact with the space.

Below are some of the projects from across the globe that I feel really encapsulate the spirit of co-working.

WeWork Shanghai
DesignKhora | WeWork Shanghai.jpg
Designed by Chinese Studio, Linehouse, the former opium factory has been transformed into a playful, buzzing hub filled with bright furniture and bold materials.

Barcelona WarehouseDesignKhora | Barcelona CoWorking.jpgIn complete contrast, this co-working office in Barcelona, designed by Appareil, erases all gimmicks. Subtle detailing, raw materials and beautifully crafted furniture offer a neutral environment for users to collaborate and communicate without exterior influence.

Singapore’s Working Capitol
DesignKhora | The Working Capitol

This creative space, designed by Takenouchi Webb, forms a community of start ups and established businesses with access to variety of working areas and well-being amenities. Visually, the former biscuit factory is an accumulation of industrial elements, eclectic styling and a bold graphic identity.

Serbian Design Incubator
DesignKhora | Serbian Design Incubator.jpg
A collaboration between interior design studio, Petokraka, and graphic agency, Metaklinika studio, this office space has been refurbished into a variety of open plan working areas, meeting rooms and quiet booths.

Makeshift Society BrooklynDesignKhora | Hub Soul.jpgArchitectural firm Dash Marshall, have transformed this former pencil factory into a stripped back blank canvas for Brooklyn’s creative start ups. The space follows the success of a San Francisco flagship that opened back in 2012.

Soho Works
DesignKhora | Soho Works.jpg
The Soho House chain has been taking over the members club scene for over 20 years. So it was inevitable they were going to influence the working alternative. With the same distinctive style, Soho Works is a collection of vintage pieces which cater to today’s contemporary working requirements.

Thailand’s Eclectic Workplace
DesignKhora | Thailand Workspace
Designed by 56th Studio, this co-working space is an eclectic mix of vintage style furniture, bold graphics and quirky details.

22 Co-Working OfficeDesignKhora | 22 OfficeThe shared office environment is formed in an old cotton factory and focuses around a central courtyard. Each area of the space can be utilised for collaboration, private working and communication.

Antwerp SpaceDesignKhora | Antwerp CoWorking.jpgFosbury and Sons, created by firm Going East, aims to capture the industrial New York vibe with a specific focus on greenery, art and installation pieces to set it apart form competing offers. The intention of the space was to feel like a curation of elements, which constantly allow the users to discover new inspirations within the workspace.

I would love to hear your thoughts, especially if you have have used this style of office yourself!

Images courtesy of Dezeen, Yellowtrace. 



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