Book Club | Cabins

The saying goes, ‘don’t judge a book by its cover,’ however in this case, I’m willing to make an exception.

Cabins | DesignKhora.jpg

I actually bought ‘Cabins‘ for my boyfriend when he was bed bound whilst recovering from an operation. Although I’m more than happy it’s made our way into our little library. Selfish gift? Maybe.

In summary, the book is a worldwide collection of cabins and small spaces, curated by Philip Jodidio. What really makes the book special is the stunning contemporary illustrations; all credit to Marie-Laure Cruschi. Each project featured has a strong sense of purpose against the ever increasing footprint we are leaving on our planet. Be it an artist retreat, eco-hotel or inner city installation, the collection is only enhanced by the aesthetically revised sketches, plans and elevations.

Below, I’ve curated a little shortlist of my favourite illustrations from the book. I’m always on the hunt for coffee table additions, so let me know your recommendations!

Island House Cabins | DesignKhora
Island House

Methow Cabin Cabins | DesignKhora
Methow Cabin

Clearlake IT Cabin | DesignKhora
Clearlake It Cabin

Lake House Cabin

Nido Cabins | DesignKhora
Nido Cabins

All images courtesy of Taschen




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