Filling Spaces | Federico Picci

Federico Picci 03 | DesignKhora

This could actually be one of my favourite pieces of artwork ever! I mean, the concept of a grand piano centred in a stunning period interior finished with floating pink bubbles sounds like a dream right?!

Florence based Graphic Designer and musician, Federico Picci, chose to imagine the visual formation of music in the photographic series ‘Filling Spaces’.  The visual symphony contrasts large, dramatic clusters with smaller, sparse bubbles more delicately positioned in the space.

Federico Picci 02 | DesignKhora

Federico Picci 05 | DesignKhora

The connection between light, shapes and structure reflecting Picci’s own experience with music.“This concept started as a personal study on the connection between light and space,” he explains. “I tried to show how something immaterial like music can fill the room with his beauty.”

“I always try to imagine how the music that I play might have a shape, a color, a mass or even a smell. As a human being, we are unable to see it, but we can actually feel it through our infinity imagination.”

Federico Picci 01 | DesignKhora

Federico Picci 04 | DesignKhora

Federico Picci 06 | DesignKhora

Images courtesy of Federico Picci.

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