Casa RJ | Archiplan Studio


Casa RJ is the ultimate collaboration of a building laced in heritage, whilst achieving a stunning contemporary interior. Italian architects, Archiplan Studio, have renovated the Mantova residential block, which dates back to the 500’s, including the apartment ‘Casa RJ’.

The interior is beautifully executed layering a contemporary material palette on top of the original ceiling and wall details. Archiplan even chose to maintain the original space distribution.

Textures introduced, from the brass lighting to rich velvets, juxtapose perfectly against the backdrop of the building. Modern craft creates yet another layer where thin timber fins divide the bedroom from the bathroom and a herringbone perforated timber workstation with single desk and shelving sit against an exposed brick wall.

The relationship between the two is beautifully balanced giving the viewer an equal appreciation of both entities.

Casa RJ 17 | DesignKhora.jpg

Images courtesy of Archiplan Studio.
Photography by Davide Galli.




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