Burberry x Henry Moore

Following on the success of last year’s Marker’s House exhibit, Burberry are back, showcasing February 2017’s collection inspired by the work of British sculptor Henry Moore.


Over 40 of Moore’ pieces, including drawings and maquettes, are exhibited amongst Burberry’s garnets, delicately suspended from the double height atrium space.

Speaking of the collaboration, Burberry’s CEO, Christopher Bailey, revealed, “We are delighted to be returning to Makers House this month… This time, we are incredibly privileged to be working alongside the Henry Moore Foundation to bring our collection and exhibition of Moore’s work to life.”

Moore’s exaggerated visualisation of the human body is reflected in Bailey’s new collection. Reference can be seen from Moore’s ‘Seated Woman: Thin Neck’ to many of the fabrications in chunky, oversized sweaters and jackets for example. The relationship between form, materiality and scale is what, I believe, makes the collaboration so distinctive.

The collection will be on show at 1 Manette Street until February 27th 2017.


Photography courtesy of Rosella Degori / The Spaces

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