Bohemian Craft | Windy Chien

I stumbled across the work of Windy Chien earlier this month in the midst of a Pinterest frenzy. Her bohemian, handcrafted pieces instantly enchanted me.

Last year, for example, Chien practised and tied a different knot every single day, further enhancing the craft she has become known for. The final installation consisted of 366 different dimensions, material, scale and history. The determination and commitment of this in itself is hugely commendable!


The San Francisco based artist actually started her career as a filmmaker, then owner of Aquarius Records before moving on to tech giant Apple, ultimately ending up in the studio. Several carved wooden carvings, knots and installations later, she has earned herself a firm footing in the industry.

I absolutely adore the collection of contemporary pieces and craving one of her wall hangings massively.

windy-chien-circuit-boards-designkhoraProcessed with VSCO with k3 presetwindy-chien-ibm-cambridge-designkhorawindy-chien-the-year-of-knots-designkhorawindy-chien-the-year-of-nots-2-designkhora
All images courtesy of Windy Chien

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