Balcony Fever

This glorious weather is giving me some serious garden envy. My Pinterest addition doesn’t help this. However, the approaching summer nights have me craving some ambient outdoor evenings.

Growing up in Scotland, I’ve completely been brought up to make the most of whatever summer we are given! If this means back-to-back barbecues, so be it! So this summer, I plan to transform my little East London balcony into my own little haven.

So here are my summer inspiration ramblings…

1. Add some colour and pattern
The above image is taken from Amber Thrane’s enviable home. Although there are many covetable features, what I believe sets this apart from other spaces is the stunning floor tile. The interior design world is awash with Moroccan inspired prints and patterns at the moment and it looks like this trend will be sticking around a while.
I absolutely adore these blue encaustic ‘Hex’ tiles by Lindsey Lang, which can be used both internally and externally. Please do check out her website as there are a whole range of patterns and colours, some more subtle options should they be needed!

2. Give it some life

I am a firm believer that a garden (or balcony) with no greenery is a very sad space! There are no excuses, even for the least green fingered of us.
Be sure to work out how much sun your plants would be exposed to as this is a huge factor on the lifespan (speaking from experience..). Also take into account to wind exposure as again this will have an effect on your options.
Plants are a great way to add some decor and colour and don’t forget to think about the pot as well. Ikea is always great for some absolute bargains. However, with a little more funding, these Jennifer Newman drums do the job beautifully!

3. Light it up

No space is complete without a little attention to the lighting. Candles do as good a stunning job at instant atmosphere and cosiness! Ofcourse this can also be achieved through other means such as fairy lights. Both options are totally affordable and can be as subtle or abundant as you feel comfortable!


4. Finishing touches
And finally, don’t forgot the finishing touches. Your garden, balcony or patio is essentially an extension of your home and should be treated like any other room. Make it comfortable. Buy some outdoor furniture, add some cushions and throws. You want to want to spend your time out there and there’s no point investing any money if you you brush over these details. H&M always have a great collection of fashionable outdoor accessories including cushions, lanterns and blankets.

Add these together and you have the perfect setting for the infamous British weather!


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